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Fincas Lluria, is a real estate company that is dedicated to the Administration of properties in its broadest sense. Established in 1999. Its address is Passeo San Gervasio 5, Pavellón Torre Castañer. It is basically dedicated to the Administration of Real Estate Assets in vertical property and urban management. His areas of work are the sale and rental of houses, flats, premises, land, building plots, industrial warehouses, parking lots. Management of real estate assets for rent. Urban management of land and plots, processing of administrative procedures related to their planning, subdivision, expropriation or granting of licenses. We are specialized in the management and sale of historical and artistic heritage of great value. Urban and rustic properties and farms, some by renowned architects. Other properties protected by the Spanish State, Government of the Generalitat and other local entities in their different protection classifications. Our scope of action is limited to Catalonia: Barcelona and its Metropolitan area, Girona, Tarragona and the Balearic Islands, especially Ibiza. Lluria Barcelona is a brand owned by Fincas Lluria SL, and a new website that was created in 2021 with the intention of accessing and being more accessible, with a new design and more chosen product, to international markets and clients.